Writing like you speak for readability


People often ask me how I write my books. 

"Outloud," I usually reply. After three books, I've found that the freshest prose comes from the lips, not from the fingertips. Think about it: You sit down to type, watching each keystroke grace the screen.  Your mind has to juggle that on top of what you are attempting to write.  When you speak, on the other hand, you are talking without thinking about writing.  

Often, you'll get on a roll, and turn a phrase in a folksy way – unlike the clinical way most of us write on a laptop, etc.  You can use a digital recorder (like my trusty Olympus), your iPhone or even your computer.  PS – for one minute or less record2document, try out the Jott app for he iPhone. 

Here's my system for writing anything longer than a blog post: 
Conceive your writing concept
Outline it 
Record the passage against the outline
If lame, delete then repeat 
Upload the audio file from your computer 
Send to transcriber (like On-Site Media
Receive Word files, then edit
BOOM – you have a conversational document!