Conference Keynote Speaker

Tim Sanders is a top requested conference keynote speaker, because of his unique ability to motivate attendees to use the event to share knowledge, network with each other and leave the event with new tools for success. Whether it’s company conference, customer summit or association convention, his general session talks will move your audiences to action. 

The thread throughout his talks is that we need to double down on learning, leverage insights to drive innovation and embrace change and most of all – build powerful relationships widely across the organization or industry. He and his team conduct vast research to tailor his perspectives to your exact situation, connecting with the theme of your conference and illustrating his advice with powerful statistics and moving stories of success and failure.

Leading with Love

In Tim’s New York Times bestseller Love Is the Killer App, he turned the leadership world on its head by suggesting nice-smart-leaders succeed. They ‘show the love’ by mentoring their people, making generous networking introductions and showing empathy during times of adversity and change.

Unleash Innovation with Disruptive Collaboration

Real innovation happens when diverse minds gather around a shared challenge to work across the lines by collaborating courageously. Today’s leader needs to spot these opportunities, sponsor disruptive collaboration projects and focus them on higher purpose.

Emotional Talent: The Final Frontier of Leadership Development

Leaders that develop their EQ succeed in the face of disruption and leverage the power of positive emotions to drive performance. But too often, they focus on technical skills, treating people skills as an option. Those that develop emotional talent bring out the best in others, overcome adversity and influence more effectively.


“Your passionate delivery really resonated with our community and your opening general session will undoubtedly be one of our highest rated ever. Thank you for your message, your energy and your humanity.”

– Bruce MacMillan, CEO, Meeting Professionals International

“Our customer conference wouldn’t have been the same without your keynote. From our post-event survey, all of your scores a 9 or a 10, with 10 being the best!”

– Gabe Villamizer, Marketing Direction, LucidChart

“Tim’s presentation on Love was incredible, and wonderfully tailored to our audience. He was the perfect way to close our conference.”

– Kate Gwodz, Bullhorn