Healthcare Keynote Speaker

Today’s healthcare industry faces challenges on many fronts, including adapting to the Affordable Care Act, responding to disruptive innovations and retaining key talents at all positions. As you search for a healthcare keynote speaker for your next event, it’s important you find experts who can offer relevant insights and inspire your audiences to act on them. Award winning author and consultant Tim Sanders has been speaking to the healthcare industry for fifteen years and gathering game changing advice and case studies along the way.

If you are a healthcare provider, Tim’s keynote on Emotional Intelligence will address the non-technical side of work, with valuable advice on communications skills, patient experience, turnover and dealing with stress. His presentation will reveal how Patient Experience Design starts with awareness and empathy, as he does in this video case study.

For those hospitals and healthcare systems looking to drive engagement and patient outcomes, his talk on Leading with Love will not only inspire, it will lead your attendees to reconnect with why they joined the healthcare industry and how they can bring compassion and empathy to everyday interactions as well as high stress work.

For pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturers dealing with disruption and hyper competition, his talk on Unleashing Innovation will spur company wide collaboration, creativity and agility. For pharmaceutical sales conference attendees, Tim’s take on relationship building through knowledge sharing in Leading with Love will help them gain more access to doctors, clinic staff and key influencers, boosting their book of business.

Tim has delivered keynotes and conducted workshops for leading providers and trade associations such as University of Michigan HealthCare Systems, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Healthcare Systems, United Healthcare, Ohio Health, Rochester Regional Health, Parkview Hospital, Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, National Association for Home Care and Hospice, Planetree, North American Spine Society and Healthcare Financial Management Association. He’s spoken for pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Abbott Labs and Johnson and Johnson Dupuy. He’s also delivered talks for medical products manufacturers such as Medtronic, Genetech, Eloquest Health and Oticon Hearing Solutions.


“We partnered with Tim Sanders to give a keynote on Emotional Talent during our CEO meeting to over 500 leaders. He had people lining up afterwards to talk to him, and his scores on our program evaluation were off the charts. Tim expertly drew the correlation between leadership and emotional intelligence—showcasing the powerful impact it has on Patient Experience. He also created a toolkit to that allows continued learning and application beyond the keynote, driving meaningful connections between our leaders, our staff, and our patients.”

– Sarah Beales, Sr. Director Talent and Learning, Rochester Regional Health

“Tim’s Love is the Killer App presentation for Eloquest Healthcare was foundational in articulating the type of organization we wanted to be. I am really grateful to Tim for providing the framework for our team to engage our customers and our teammates in a positive, sustainable way.”

– Tim O’Halla, CEO, Eloquest Healthcare

“We have had many great speakers, from Viktor Frankl to Norman Cousins, and, of course, Dr. Stephen Covey. Our evaluations show that you got the best marks of all. Your presentation was masterful. You had the audience spellbound.”

– Val Halamandaris, President, National Association for Home Care & Hospice