When Tim is not giving keynote speeches at conferences and corporate meetings, he’s offering his insights and body of research to clients as a trainer and workshop facilitator. With each engagement, he brings decades of leadership and sales experience and a treasure trove of research to bear. His goal is to deliver ridiculous levels of value in every project!

Training programs are offered in half day or full day formats and highly customized to meet the learning objectives of the client organization. Tim’s programs are highly interactive and include table exercises and small group breakout discussions. Each program will include a digital deliverable, which includes assessments, exercises, illustrations and reference materials.

Current programs include:

Emotional Talent Development for Leaders

In a business world where disruption is a constant and competition is fierce, emotional intelligence (EQ) is just as important to a leader’s success as on-the-job experience and education (IQ). As leaders invest time sharpening their EQ to become more resilient and relationship oriented, they develop what bestselling author Tim Sanders calls Emotional Talent. This program offers insights and techniques which include: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Leadership, Listening Skills and Communication Skills.

The Art and Science of Collaboration and Problem Solving

For organizations of all types: Rapid problem solving is the key to resilience, innovation and success. Research confirms that to solve problems of all types, collaboration is required to leverage the power of diverse perspectives. Unfortunately, there are seldom processes in place to qualify, structure and execute successful collaboration projects. Instead, random brainstorming sessions are conducted with little to no preparation. This program offers insights and techniques which include: Team Creation, Preparation, Problem Finding, Solution Finding and Meeting Management.

Communications Mastery Workshop

Every professional relies on effective communications to lead people, work on projects, collaborate with associates or serve customers. In today’s working environment, professionals communicate across multiple channels, all requiring a skill set in order to get points across clearly, move others to action and quell conflict. This interactive workshop includes advice on: Email Etiquette and Effectiveness, Listening Skills, Conducting Crucial Conversations and Presentation Design and Delivery. This program leverages Tim’s experience as a national debater and extemporaneous speaker, along with his company’s deep research on digital communication, persuasion and change management.


“Tim’s EQ program was a life changing experience – he was just so on point – so authentic & humble; he totally feels and lives what he says. Customers and staff alike have said, ‘you should have brought him here for the whole day!’ The whole bank is buzzing – it is exactly what they needed at this time.”

– Janis Marville, HR Director, Central Bank of Barbados

“Your two half-day training programs were fabulous. You have such a wealth of knowledge and it is truly a gift when shared with others. I had many take-aways. As part of my follow-up, I wanted to send you the feedback from the programs at our Center (4.8 out of possible 5). I think you will see that those in attendance were truly presented with a great experience.”

– Brent Kondritz, Center for Leadership, University of Dayton

“I highly recommend Tim as an expert on Emotional Intelligence who understands what it means to customize his content!”

– Rich Rosier, Senior Vice President, Linkage Incorporated