Write it down

One of my good friends, Gary, has a saying: “Once in my 20s, I found the meaning of life. Problem is, I forgot to write it down!” He’s been looking for it ever since.

How many great ideas do you come up with, only to forget them later? Whether or not you are a writer, a business person or a creative, you need to capture your great ideas.

My solution is to buy a three pack of spiral bound index cards. I place one index card pack in my office, kitchen and living room.

Every time I get an idea, I write it down on an index card. Each Thursday afternoon, time permitting, I review the cards from the previous week, tear them out and log them. I have a few Word documents that I log the ideas into by category (blog idea, business idea, joke, etc.).

Now I have my fingertips on all the ideas that float through my head!

Try this system for one month and see how many more ideas you retain.