Work (out) while you watch

I have a television in my home gym and it has changed the way I watch football.

My wife is a football widow, I love USC, The Cowboys and even World Cup style football (England was my team). All in all, I spend a great deal of time watching football. This year, though, I’ve made one big change that has converted me from couch potato to active-guy: I work out while I watch the game.

Whenever possible, I watch the game as I walk on the treadmill, do situps or lift weights. If I’m not working out, I practice guitar (my acoustic) while I watch.

OK — not all games are good for “passive watching”, but the lionshare of games we watch do not include our favorite teams. Those games can be watched mindlessly while we do *something* productive.

When March madness rolls around in a few months, try this out. Work out, practice, organize, clean your gun (LOL) but do something while you watch. Save your total attention for your favorite team and let the rest of the games be background noise/view while you do something good for yourself.