Why birthdays are an important to your relationship life

Today is my 47th birthday. 

So far, I've received about 20 thoughtful emails from friends and biz mates wishing me a great day.  How do they know it's my birthday?  They found out somehow, put it in their calendar and remembered to send me a note or call me today.  They also probably voted! 

I really appreciate the thought, and it makes me feel special. 

I've learned that birthdays are a platform (excuse) to let someone know how much you care about him or her.  Done on other days, a person might be suspicious or cynical.  On your birthday, anyone can give you some love! 

I've noticed that great networkers are birthday wishing fanatics.  They find out the birthday early on, schedule a reminder and take the time to follow up.  Facebook makes it even easier as most users have their birthday on their profile and your 'friend feed' shows all your friends having birthdays.  

My New Year's resolution is to be much much better at being a B-Day wisher.  

PS — If you want to do something nice for me today, buy a copy of Saving The World at Work for yourself, your friend or your team.  Nothing would make me happier!