When in Lisbon, motor through

I’m in Lisbon today, giving a talk for Nokia. I shot this photo on my iPhone from my hotel room this AM.

Here’s a handy biz-travel tip: When you fly to Europe (usually overnight), don’t take a nap when you land! Motor through the day, and go to bed when the locals do. This way, you will avoid not being able to fall asleep due to jet lag.

The first few times I went to Europe, I’d land in the AM, fall asleep, wake up and go out to eat. That night, I’d toss and turn or wake up at 3AM and never get back to sleep. It made me a zombie. Now, I motor through. Last night, I actually got 7 hours of sleep (with no Ambien). Today I feel good, just like I was home.

PS — When you wake up on your second day in Europe, make sure and let in the sunlight as it teaches your body the new time zone.