What you can learn from the elections

Today, the first of many “BBQ polls” came out, giving Oboma a slight lead over McCain.

These polls ask voters a simple question: “If you were having a BBQ this Sunday, which candidate would you invite?” While it may seem trivial, according to Gallup, this poll has predicted the winner in tight presidential elections since 1976.

Why? People vote for candidates they like. In fact, if you like a candidate enough, you’ll assign them political beliefs or a stand on an issue that they might not actually possess. Researchers call this “voter attribution error.” This jives with my research for The Likeability Factor (a few DVDs are still available). If you boost your L-factor, you not only become more electable — you become much for successful in business too.

How’s your BBQ rating? Download a free L-Factor assessment and see for yourself.