What I’m snacking on right now

Actually, right now I’m snacking on a carrot.

My brain says, why not some chips, but Michael Pollan’s brilliant new book (In Defense Of Food) suggests otherwise.

In this provocative and life saving book, he explains why being nutrition minded isn’t enough. In fact, most ‘nutritious’ products give us heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

What’s his big idea? Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

This isn’t what you think, another veggie-mad book. This is the science of a human’s synergistic relationship with whole foods. It has already changed my point of view and saved my bacon over the last week – where I lived in airports 8 days straight.

This is the same wonderful author that brought us The Botany Of Desire, the coolest book ever written on how plants can teach us a thing or two about branding and competing for scarce resources. His style is journalist meets indie-pundit, and reads well alongside The Tipping Point or Freakonomics.

This isn’t a diet book, it’s a paradigm shifter.

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