Welcome to Sanders Says

This is the first post for my first blog.


Sanders Says will distribute my advice and opinions about Culture, Business and Spirit.

These are three areas I am very focused on as an author, speaker and human being. You can learn more about my work at www.timsanders.com

Business Advice: Most advice will be about trends in the world that change the business landscape. Business life is also important to me, so I talk about email, co-worker relations and anything else that impacts or quality of life as we work. I’ll also recommend books that will make you stronger.

Culture: I recommend music from Indie Rock to Lounge. I love music that captures the gestalt of our times. My ITUNES playlist is your playlist. Let’s discover vital music together.

Spirit: Stories inspire us and the spirit moves us. I’ll share stories about people that are connecting with something bigger than themselves. Submit your own stories as a post or send them to me at email@timsanders.com

Come back often — I’ll tell you everything I know (and a few things I don’t know).

Tim Sanders
author, The Likeability Factor and Love Is The Killer App