Welcome new customers at the front door


This picture is snap shot of customer service 3.0. 

A few weeks ago, I needed to send out a press release announcing the relaunch of Saving The World At Work.  After searching around, I found eReleases, a press release distribution company.  The website offered a nice comparison to the competition (like Business Wire) and the price was very competitive. 

I signed up, sent out my release and the service went smoothly.  I’d recommend it to anyone needing help getting his or her press release to market. A day after my release, I received a note from one of the editors with a picture of the staff welcoming me as a new client.  My name on a whiteboard with my new partners smiling! 

This is a tremendous way to build a business: Welcome the new customers personally.  In this case, all she needed to do was arrange the pic, attach it to the note and BANG, I’m personally greeted (and impressed). This is a must do for eServices of all types as they tend to be faceless, thus based on price or steep discounting from ‘the real world’ providers out there.  

Takeaway: Owners and managers — What is your welcoming experience? What happens when a new customers comes through the door?  Is your response compelling, visual and personal?  In this economy where new customers are the #1 source of future business, you can’t afford to let your services do all the talking for you.  In this case, eReleases proves that a “picture is worth a thousand tweets.”