Wash your hands and go back to work

You don't prevent the Swine Flu in your life by reading about it. 

We are so worn down by bad news, we are likely on tender hooks. Recent news about Swine Flu can tip many of us into a tizzy — even if we haven't been to Mexico recently or work around someone who has.  

How much time will we waste reading, talking and fearing about this?  Too much, likely.  The crack-cable news outlets are beating the drums now, calling for your precious time and attention. 

Simple advice: Wash your hands often.  When in close corners, and someone coughs or sneezes, hold your breath until you can get out of their proximity (if you are paranoid).  Stay tuned to CDC announcements and NOT typical news outlets.  

Let's stay focused on rebuilding, not rekindling fear. 

PS – Too much fear will kill your sleeping patterns, which will lower your immune system's power to ward off illness.