Visualize success

One of the reasons I love to watch the Olympics has to do with the power of visualization.

A great deal of research suggests that medalists achieve their world class performance because they visualize their winning performance right before they compete. This is one of the tricks of the Olympic trade you can use too. (Mental Tricks Used By Olympic Athletes Can Improve Your Athletic Performance).

This works in business life as well as sports too. For example, as an author I am visualizing my third book (Saving The World At Work) as a New York Times Business Bestseller. I’ve asked a buddy of mine to create a mockup of the actual NYT list with my book in 3rd position. Sound crazy?

Prior to releasing the first of their Chicken Soup smash hits books, authors Canfield and Hansen did just that — and by seeing their success, they stretched to it.

Take a milestone you are pushing for an visualize yourself reaching it, or exceeding it wildly. Think this all the way from beginning task to celebration. You’ll have confidence, energy and believe it or not, less pressure.