Turn off some reality

At this point, I’ve had enough reality competitions. It’s mind numbing how many different shows you can TIVO now – design, food, film making, hair, etc. etc.

It started pretty tamely: Survivor, American Idol then Project Runway.

Now, if I don’t watch out, that’s all I’ll watch each night.

The problem is that the content is lame almost 90% of the time. In the end, most of the reality stars are highly forgettable and the lessons learned from them are somewhere between banal and irrelevent to our lives.

So, I’m going to unsubscribe from all of them. All of them. I’ll just stick with Idol and Project Runway — that’s enough to entertain but not enough to fall into the hole of today’s TV programming. Last night, Jacqueline and I ignored four reality shows we had TIVO’d and instead watched a great movie (Black Diamond). What a refreshing return to must-see-TV.