Try out the new ‘Jacket

If you haven’t ever heard Louisville Kentucky’s My Morning Jacket, give their new CD (Evil Urges) a listen right away.

The might be one of the most important American rock bands of the last few years. I put them up there with The Shins, The Strokes and Band of Horses for their sonic qualities and amazing rock/pop sensibility.

If you want to hear the future of electro-Americana, just buy track 13 (Touch Me, I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2) and give it a full listen through. It sounds like Radiohead by way of Wilco — nice. Don’t get me wrong, My Morning Jacket is highly original, but at the same time has a vintage feel that you’d expect from Crazy Horse.

Standout tracks on Evil Urges include: Track 4 (I’m amazed), Track 1 (title track) and Track 7 (Two Halves). Lead singer-song writer Jim James shines on this city-recorded release. The band takes the alt-indie-country sound to a classic album level on this disc.
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