Travel with unlimited power

I travel well over half the year in my business. While it is important to have internet access, it is even more important to have battery power for all of my devices. I carry a cell phone, an IPOD, a laptop and even an Emwave Personal Stress Reducer. All of them run of out juice during the normal workaday on the road.

I see it all the time — people out of juice for their devices and out of touch as a result. I’ve learned that battery solutions are some of the most important travel solutions of all. Here’s my advice:

1. Carry two cell phone batteries in your easy access bag (briefcase, purse, etc.)
2. Carry an extra laptop battery in your suitcase
3. Invest in a singe device solution that can power everything. I love IGO’s product. It’s not much bigger than my laptop charger and comes with adapters to charge EVERYTHING that I own (you can do two devices at once). It also gives you power on a plane! Unless you like to carry a barrage of wired electronics and get screened like a terrorist, reduce the wires and go with IGO.

Traveling with unlimited power will change your life. All it costs is a little money.