Travel stress free via the gift of music

Today I gave a talk in Baltimore. Right after the talk, I hustled to the Balitmore airport and after getting my boarding pass I got in a loooooooong line for security.

How long? A few football fields’ worth! Signs claimed that I would only be in line for about 30 minutes, but the line was very intimidating. On top of that, everyone was completely stressed out about missing their flight. You could read it on their faces. Babies screamed. Businessmen cringed. It was a cacophony of chaos.

What did I do? I fished my IPOD out of my briefcase and popped in ear buds. I put on the Shins (Wincing The Night Away) and ignored the whole experience. I smiled, enjoyed their record, and in about 45 minutes I cleared security and sauntered to my gate rather unaffected by the whole security line fiasco.

Lesson learned: When stressed out, let your music save you. While others heard noise, I heard music. Don’t let travel stres get the best of you when you have so many alternatives for your attention. I will never suffer in silence again at the airport.