Thou shall prosper: A passover reading assignment

Author and good-guy Dave Ramsey recently told me to read Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. He had the Rabbi on his TV show to talk about his wealth building system.  Dave told me that Lapin and I are kindred spirits in the area of abundance thinking.  

Lapin sees some people as cake bearers and others as candle bearers.  When the cake bearers give a slice, the cake gets smaller (scarcity).  When the candle bearers give light, the candle still burns (abundance). What a great metaphor! 

I bought the book for my Kindle (thou shall save money buying it electronically) and have read five of the ten commandments for prosperity.  MIND BLOWING.  Lapin is sharing jewish secrets of prosperity, based on the Torah and his experience in the business community.  Much like a Gladwell, he dispels a lot of myths about Jewish people as well as our attitudes toward money.  

The book is already helping me think more effectively about prosperity.  I am moving up this book recommendation for passover, as its insights are especially relevant.  If you want to make more money, and according to Lapin it is a virtue, read this book now! 

NOTE: For Kindle users, I was only able to order this book from the Kindle itself.  If you go online, the Amazon product page doesn't show it as available for Kindle.