Best of the week

On Sunday, I am grateful for many things. 

As a rule I spent at least 80% of gratefulness time focusing on people.  The remaining time is spent appreciating experiences and acquisitions. My best of lists will always highlight things or experiences you can have too!

In no particular order: 
1. New iPhone apps. Love this week's additions. TweetMic looks very promising. It allows me to record and Tweet any length of message. Hmmm, maybe I'll Tweetcast future talks!  Taxi Magic is another must-have app, it locates a taxi for you anywhere/anytime. That can be a lifesaver!  Finally, World Cup Ping Pong is fun and easy to learn — will pass the time in airports. 

2. Date night. This Saturday, Jacqueline and I went to the Santa Monica Promenade.  I had a great time shopping, seeing a movie and having a romantic dinner.  Speaking of movies, I laughed so hard watching Hangover, I thought I was going to fall out of my seat. That is the funniest flick I've seen in a theatre in years.  Don't take your kids, though. It's really edgy, but delivers punch after punch. The acting ensemble is as good as Knocked Up or 40 Year Old Virgin. The movie keeps you laughing straight through the credits too — so stick around for the bitter end.

3. My new camera. Jacqueline bought me a new Nikon CoolPix pocket camera for Father's Day.  For the last few years, I've been using my iPhone for snaps and most of them turned out awful. The Nikon is fantastic, has a face finder and takes super clear pics. It fits in my back pocket and syncs with my Mac as well (actually, better) than my iPhone.  

What are yours? Share in comments and let's all have more fun!