Think and dial

On Tuesday, I posted about refreshing your network.

Scott Cunningham posted this comment in reply:
I try to call people that I haven’t spoken to in awhile during my commute home from work. A great opener is “Bob, I was just thinking of you. How are you doing?”.

If you’re sincerely thinking about them, you will make a dramatic impact on most people with just this statement. Once my dentist came up to me at a church function and said “Scott, I was thinking about you the other day and…”. He went on to tell me about how he wondered if could improve some work that he did for me recently.

That’s probably been close to a year ago, but I can tell you exactly where I was standing when he told me that. Why? Because he told me that he was thinking about me and wanted to do something to improve my life. He wasn’t trying to sell me additional servies.

How often has someone said these words (I was thinking about you) to you? When was the last time you said that to someone else?

Recommended: Tomorrow morning, take five minutes on your way to work to conjur up someone that’s in your network. Think about that person intently and positively. Remind yourself why you like them. Think about the last time the two of you spent time together. Later, when you get into the office, call that person and say “I was just thinking about you.”