The thinking-blogging gap

If I actually posted all the posts that come into my mind this blog would be five times bigger (both in volume and traffic). 

Frequently, I get ideas for this blog, and usually they sit in my mind until I either type them out or forget them.  In the business world, we talk about the thinking-doing gap and how it impacts productivity.  In the blogging world the same is true.  

Why is this?  We must get to a computer, usually that's online for link references, and go through the writing/editing process.  That inhibits us.  

I'm going to start blogging in audio format.  I've downloaded the recorder application to my iPhone (publishes in MP3 format).  I'll experiment with podcasting.  I might even engage OnSite Media to transcribe my recordings, edit them and expedite my ability to convert my ideas into posts. 

I'm also going to regulate my posting process, where I'll work on my blog over coffee every AM, instead of doing it when "I find a minute."