The original Stair Master

Today I'm in Orlando to give a keynote. 

When I went to the hotel gym this AM, it was packed full.  There wasn't a stair master, tread climber or exercise bike to be had.  On top of that, many of the people waiting in line were with the event, and I wanted some modicum of workout privacy — so they'd meet me properly at the general session a few hours later. 

So I innovated my workout routine. I took the stairs. My hotel has 12 floors, which provided a perfect set of reps. It's like running the bleachers from high school days.  I marched up and down the stairs twice. Then I jogged up and walked down twice. My heart was pumping and my thighs and legs were on fire (in a good way).  

Back in my room I was able to curl my briefcase (fully loaded), do some situps and squats. All in all, it was a good experience and taught me that when all else fails "go old-school."