The Five Things A Day marketing plan

In 2001, I read at least a dozen books on book promotion. 

Love Is The Killer App was set to be published in early 2002, and I was a student of book promotion.  In The Complete Guide To Book Publicity, author Jodee Blanco made a simple but powerful point: If an author does five things a day to promote his/her book, it will make daily progress and likely catch on (if its a book that "works").  

I took the advice to heart and each day, made sure I did five things:  Interview, calls to book sellers, give a talk, email marketing to my list, query to publications or newsletters, send out promotional copy to high profile person, etc.  It took ten months, but in December of 2002, Love Is The Killer App made its way on the New York Times best seller list.  It was also on the list in January 2003

Today, it is easier than ever to do five promotional things a day for your book, product or service.  You can blog, tweet (Five tweets = one blog to me), interview, reach out, send promotional items to high profile users, network, make a presentation or pick up the phone.  Five a day adds up over time, which is the point of the program.  Think of it as compound marketing — it works the same way as compound interest as the returns increase as momentum is achieved.  

Next week, try this system out (25 promotional efforts) for your product or service.  By Friday, you'll start to see results, and if you stick with it over time, you'll enjoy success.