Thank an old boss

Too often, when we move on in our career — we move on in our relationships too.

I’ve learned that a thanked mentor is a repeat mentor. Have you been helped by a generous boss in your past? Did she show you how to be more successful? Did he support you when no one else believed in you?
If so, you should make a point out of finding them and letting them know how grateful you are that they came into your life. Reach back in time, perhaps further than ten years!

Yahoo or Google your boss to find current contact information and then send he or she a note of thanks. Do it today. It is very easy and might create a rewarding exchange. I recently did this with my ex-boss at a production company I worked at twelve years ago. He needed a pick-me-up that day, and my call was just the ticket. He wrote me a few days later and said that my called inspired him to adopt one of his coworkers for mentorship.

Try this too. When you thank the mentors in your life, you are not only repaying a debt — you are keeping the fire of giving alive.