Tell me your story about the power of one

In Faith and Fortune, author Marc Gunther tells the story about Barbara Waugh, who as a non-executive, drove huge changes at HP. Barbara was a career activist for the environment and diversity who ended up at HP twenty years ago. She used street theatre techniques to demonstrate to HP execs issues within the company related to diversity and e-inclusion (giving developing nations access to the web). In the end, HP executives embraced her passion and story telling capabilities and made material changes in their social responsibility programs.

She was only one out of 100,000 people, but she made a difference. Check out an article by Marc Gunther that includes a profile on her here. She also wrote The Soul In The Computer, an endearing read.

This is the future of social responsibility: Individual employees that take their values to work and convince senior staff as to the business case for socially valuable investments/activities.

I am currently working on my third book and need your stories. I’m looking for stories like Barbara’s. I want stories about how an individual saw a pressing social need and led their business to serve it. These stories will inspire and empower thousands of others to do their best to “save the world at work.”

Please post your stories/ideas in comments and I will contact you by email.