Tell me about a leader “for good” inside your company

I’m writing my next book on how one person, regardless of rank, can help influence their company to do the right thing for employees, communities or the planet.

So far, I’ve found some great stories, such as the Barbara Waugh/HP story. I’ve heard about an attorney at a software company convinced her product developers to stop using boxed packaging, and replace it with a few discs or downloads. I’ve heard about a single employee to led a group inside her company to get the comp program changed so as to provide same-sex dependent coverage. I’ve heard about a small group of tellers at a bank who were involved in a charity run for breast cancer, and by taking it to work, got their company to become a multi-million dollar sponsor.

I need more stories like this. I believe that there are people out there that want their company to be more socially responsible and they are willing to innovate and sell it up. Do you have a story? Do you know of a person who is leading a charge like this inside their company — and making a difference?

If you do, please send me an email and I’ll be in touch. If I use your story, I’ll select a book and send it to you as a gift. The more stories I come up with, the more the book will motivate the reader to become a true leader for the social century — and help their company do well by doing good.