Taste some Texas Thunder Soul

This week’s music pick is a classic funk record. I bumped into it at the Melrose swap meet in LA a few weeks back. For years, The Funky 16 Corners has been my go-to soundtrack for a night of funk and fun.

This record is even better.

Texas Thunder Soul (1968-1974) is 2 CD set of funk tracks by a high school stage band from Houston Texas called Kashmere Stage Band. This high school stage band, though, fed James Brown’s band great musicans over the years. This stage band hatched Bootsy Collins’ best session musicians. This is the best high school band ever. DJ Shadow sampled some of these unbelievable breakbeats for his records. David Holmes listens to these cats when he authors soundtracks for flicks like Oceans 11. Fatboy slim swears by these kids.

If you want to take a trip back in time and sample some of the sounds that brought you everything from The Ohio Players to modern hip-hop (dirty south), add this record to your collection. I cannot believe it is available (still) through Amazon. This is a find.