Tame your flu with Tamiflu

Well, I skipped the flu shot this year and caught the flu a few weeks ago.

Normally, it would take me down for at least a week and a half, perhaps longer since I travel so much. Thank God for Tamiflu. It is a new wonder drug from Roche Labs that reduces the duration and severity of a flu.

Here’s the trick to it: You have to take it within the first two days of symptoms. On a Weds, I woke up with that scratchy feeling in my throat. On Thursday, I started to feel some aches and pains and the throat was more sore. I went in to the doctor, and she said I was just-in-time to still get the benefits of Tamiflu. By Monday, I was back at work and 90%. It was a miracle.

Since Feb is the peak flu season, monitor your symptoms and go to your doctor quicker rather than later. While there is no cure for influenza, there sure is a solution — Tamiflu.