Take on twenty percent of your week on Monday

I’ve always noticed that Mondays are treated like mountains in our business life. They are tall, you can’t go around them and they are always there to stand in your way on the way to next Friday.

We charge inand try to do 100% of our week’s obligations on Monday. One person recently told me that he was going to “cut a swath through a big field at work on Monday” — meaning that he would probably work 100 miles per hour from 8am to 6pm to try and get a huge headstart on this week. Ouch.

I’ve learned that if you try and split your week into five equal segements or workadays, you will produce higher quality work throughout the week. To overproduce Monday and chill-out on Friday is no prescription for mangaing your personal capacity.

For now, just scale Monday to be a single day. Just one day in your week, 20% of the pie. Accomplish modest, but not disproportionate results. You’ll find that this plan will help you have more zip for the critical Thursday and Friday units of your business life.

This is especially true if you had a relaxing, fun weekend or just came back from a vacation. Just take it easy, it is only Monday.

Suggested: Take 10 minutes to look at this week’s obligations and determine the LIMIT to what you’ll try to do today.