Take a dip with this Hot Chip

The first time I heard about the UK act, Hot Chip, was in an article in the LA Times (Hot Chip delivers a jolt). They played at Coachella, in the elctonic tent venue and wowed the house. Apparently, they were the buzz of this year’s festival. They are described as melodic bedroom electronica. I think they are going to be huge. Their label, Astralwerks brought us Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Gomez and a boat load of other British electronic crossover bands and Hot Chip will not be an exception.

Their new CD, The Warning, is filled with one great track after another. The entire record is great, much like Arcade Fire’s funeral or The Killer’ hot fuss. Their sound is part Radiohead (Amnesia era) and part Postal Service. I love their hi-lo vocals, really retro like Sqeeze or even 10CC.

Most of all, the songs are fantastic and memorable. They apply a Beatles’ influenced melody over harmony with a dash of Aphex Twin.

Enough name checking, check out a few tracks on their Amazon product page to get hooked: Track 3(Colours) and Track 4(Over and over).