Swoon for the Silversun Pickups

The new album (Swoon) by alt-indie rock band Silversun Pickups is a MUST buy. It's been lodged in my car's CD changer for two weeks, and grows on me with each listen. 

In 2007, I recommended Silversun Pickups on the blog, proclaiming them as the next-big-thing out of LA. To steal a line from Simon Cowell, "I was right." 

The band sounds like a cross between Smashing Pumpkins, early Nirvana and the Melvins. Their songs create an energy ball with singer Brian Aubert's androgynous vocals adding a soaring tone to the record. Unlike altern-ripoff artists of late, Silverun Pickups make a contribution to the genre with their unique stamp and chord choices.

Check out track #2 (The Royal We), track #4 (It's Nice To Know You Work Alone) and the epic album closer (Surrounded Or Spiraling) and I promise you'll click to buy Swoon