Surviving a short week

Is it just me, or is this week just crazy? 

Because we take off Monday, and drag in on Tuesday, this week is likely to end up with a long list of items we didn't get to.  Frequently, we dig in, work over the weekend and come in early on Monday. 

That's not the right approach.  We should never penalize ourselves (or our people) for vacation days. Short weeks should have shorter to-do lists.   On Friday, when everyone has that glazed over look in their eyes, tell everyone to enjoy their weekend and look forward to a normal 5 day week on Monday.  

Labor Day is the last real pause until Thanksgiving, where we get a three day weekend and have picnics and chill.  If we snap back from it too quickly with 'back to the grind', there's no psychological benefit to the holiday. 

I've always learned that great companies take care of their people, and they do it best when they protect their 'off time' and NEVER penalize them for short weeks. 

TO DO:  Look hard at this week's requirements and trim them back by 20%.  If possible spread out the deferred workload over several weeks.