Stop the flow of dead trees coming into your office

Can you believe how many catalogs and junk mailings pour into your workplace?

Even if they go straight to the recycling bin, that isn’t good enough. Recycling, according to the authors of Cradle To Cradle, should actually be called ‘downcycling’, because the materials get less and less useful with each pass. And recycling requires high energy use.

What to do? Go to the EcologicalMail site and get yourself taken off the lists. Moreover, when someone leaves your company, go to the site and get them off too! You’ll save several trees each time you do this.

We all have to do our part to reduce the use, and give the technologists time to repair the damage our excess has created.

This is one of the many ideas from my next book, Saving The World At Work. Check out the flyer for the book.