Stockpile content

I’ve been behind on my blogging duties recently.

My work on my new book is totally consuming my attention and time. But that is no excuse. A good blog gives you something to think about at least five times a week. That was the most consistent piece of advice I’ve received from successful bloggers in my category (advice blog).

The reason I’ve come up short is because I’ve been treating blogging as a just-in-time product. In other words, I write a post every day if I think of it. Sometimes, I’ve drawn up a series of posts I could write, and then grabbed one on the fly to write it under a self-imposed deadline.

You can see how that worked for me recently. Instead, what I’ll do is stockpile at least six posts that have an evergreen quality. If I come up short of time or an idea one day, I’ll reach into my stockpile. If it ever gets lower than three posts, then I’ll fill it back up.

One other way to ensure daily blog posts is to do most of them early in the week and schedule their release throughout the week. While that editorial approach may be the most professional, I like to keep my blog postings somewhat spontaneous — so I’ll use the stockpile approach instead.