Start a cheesy buzz on the street

More ideas from my recent trip to Bogota Columbia: Idea #2 — Start a street buzz before you run expensive advertising.

When I was walking around Bogota, I noticed what I thought were Green Bay Cheese heads. I introduced myself to them, and took a picture to send to my friends in Wisconsin. It turns out they were hired by a local company to generate a buzz around a play on the word ‘Queso”.

They wouldn’t tell me the name of the company, only that it would be announced in a newspaper ad campaign in a few weeks. All they would say, is that the cheese world in Bogota was getting ready to change. This is brilliant buzz marketing because it conforms with former Coke CMO Sergio Zyman’s definition of good advertising: A service. Just like ads in a fashion magazine.

When this company starts its ad campaign in a few weeks, I predict it will perform better because of the pre-launch street level program. Upon reflection, now I know why I printed organic T shirts to promote my next book (Saving The World At Work).