Smile like you mean it

In the game of life, you have to smile your way to the goal line.

Last night, on American Idol, smiling was the key to vote getting. In my book, The Likeability Factor, I argue that friendliness is the key to being likeable. A big part of that is decoded by others based on the look on your face.

On the show last night, only a few contestants smiled and it made a difference:
1. Phil and Jordin had the most generous smiles and came in first and second place on DialIdol (which is a great resource for fans.)
2. Sanjaya smiled when he was criticized, which might save him. He will be in the bottom three tonight because his singing was at best weak. Like I’ve said before, American Idol is a talent sensitive likeability competition.
3. Lakisha scowled through her song and will be in the bottom three tonight — and perhaps get voted off.

From the competition for American president to American Idol, the likeability factor is the tie-breaker. Whether you are at work, school or the store, smile. When you get honest feedback from the judges in your life, take it with a smile.