Seattle to Vancouver — the book tour continues


I was on the Bob Rivers Show in Seattle this morning.

Bob is a great guy, and his crew supports World Vision (a leading charity to assist children in Africa).  So far, his station has raised well over a million bucks and helped thousands of kids get clean water and new schools in Africa.

More importantly, Rivers found a way to make it work for the radio station too.  World Vision paid for a promotion on the station, and Rivers over-delivered — doing remote broadcasts from Africa and opening up the promotion to other media in Seattle.   As you see, they used solar blankets to power the remote broadcast.  That's green thinking in a part of the world where there are scarce resources. The experience changed Rivers' life as well as the lives of many listeners.
Arik Bob BGAN

In the end, the listeners of the show were able to participate, make a difference and experience the joy of giving.   Here's a picture of Arik (the show's producer) presenting a plaque to an African school principle with the names of hundreds of Seattle residents on it. 
Ethiopia School Plaque

Bob's enjoying his job more than ever, the listeners love him and the show is now very attractive to socially minded advertisers.  He is a morning show radio host, and despite what you might previously have thought drive time radio, it's a place where you can save the world at work.  This is the cutting edge of business:  Finding the business in doing good.