Scarcity thinking will take you down

I believe that scarcity-think is the root of most unpleasant human behavior.  

While we might say that a person has a bad attitude, we should really say that they have a case of Scarcity. When an executive bull barrels over a granny to get on the plane first, he’s just experiencing a perceived scarcity of overhead storage space for his roller bag.  When a coworker snipes at you after you’ve received a sales award, she’s not necessarily a jealous person; she’s experiencing a scarcity of recognition.  When your partner fails to show up to help you out of a jam, he’s not necessarily uncaring; he’s just wracked with a perceived scarcity of time to deal with his needs.  And so on.  

Scarcity will complicate you life adding unhappiness, unattractive behavior, conflict and loneliness.  You’ll waste precious time scaring yourself with your obsessions of lackism and dread.  You talk about what you lack so often, you’ve become a lackey.  You are such a crumb counter these days, you’ve become a crummy leader. 

The worse is gets the worse it will get, as you go into a tailspin and lose spiritual altitude with each passing day.   Unless you find a way out of this, you’ll soon join the rest of the fodder in the ashes.  

Scarcity thinking is one of the greatest challenges to your organization today – be it company, church, non-profit or even family.  Eric caught his case at work, you can catch it anywhere people create communities of misery (commiserate).  

When your people are afraid, and believe that there is not enough to go around, they become ineffective and prone to freak-outs.  Fear sets in and the group culture becomes reactive and self-protecting.  When scarcity think is prevalent, any change triggers selfish reactions.  It’s a quiet as a morgue in your office, these days.  Does this sound familiar?

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