Say Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my 46th birthday. About two dozen very thoughtful friends and business associates sent me notes, wishing me a happy birthday. When I look at them, as a group, I notice that all of them are “relators”, such as in Marcus Buckingham’s strengths-finder work from his great book Now Discover Your Strengths. Relators have skills and good habits in the area of relationship mangement.

When someone remembers your birthday, they personalize the relationship and celebrate you on an individual level. This is especially valuable between coworkers. The best managers I’ve ever had always made it a point to remember my birthday. Think of a person’s birthday as a platform to let them know how much you appreciate them in your life.

From now on, I’m going to do a better job remembering other people’s birthdays. While I remember family, close friends and some business associate’s birthdays, I am forgetting dozens of others.

Recommended: Find out and enter into your calendar the birthdays of all your frequent business associates and friends. Never let a birthday go without at least sending a note or making a phone call to say “Happy Birthday.” It is a little gesture, but as I learned yesterday, it goes a long ways.