Save your Thank You notes

For the last decade, I've been giving out my email to everyone I meet or speak to. Whether it is from my books (Love Is The Killer App) or from the stage, I'm happy to tell you how to contact me.

As a result, I've received tens of thousands of emails over time. I treat each one as gold, especially the Thank You notes. These are the emails that validate my behavior, and give me gratitude for my vocation. Every one of us could or should get Thank You notes all of the time from customers, colleagues and friends. It's a sign we are doing something right. 

Today, working on a new idea, I combed through a few email folders (testimonials, thanks, stories) and the experience was uplifting and motivating. Gone are any Monday blahs, I'm off to create new Thank You experiences.  

Are you easy to get in contact with? When you receive a note of gratitude, do you file it away for a rainy day? You are what you read, and often times, you read too much negative information. Think about the last nasty-gram you've read a dozen times, polluting your mind. You could have re-read ten Thank You notes in the same period — and gone back to work!