Reuse your paper

Very simple idea for the day, reuse.

I was inspired reading a recent post on Seth Godin’s blog related to No Impact Man. I read the same article on the way back to the USA this weekend and I also think that this is a big deal. Use not, waste not, deplete not. These are new values that give us meaning.

If you think recycling paper is green, try reusing it. This is multiples better than recycling (which takes energy and doesn’t convert 100%). Many of the pages we print are unecessary and until we can learn to think before we print, we need to learn to reuse.

When I print a map, a fax cover sheet or an article I no longer need, I reuse it. I put an X through it (or just a light diagonal line), put it in my reuse tray and then put it back into the printer used side up when I’m printing something for my use only. I don’t reuse paper for client facing work becuase it might look funny.
You’d be surprised how many pages a week you can reuse. The birth of the computer did not reduce our dependence on paper. With more information and longer threaded emails comes more printing, much of it not friendly to future generations.

Recommended Read: Mid-Course Correction by Ray Anderson.
This tender wake up call comes from a CEO of a industrial carpet tile maker who realized he and his company were thieves. They stole from the future. They robbed Peter to fatten Paul. He woke up and outlined a plan for companies to go beyond recycling towards reuse and hopefully adding value back into the world.