On Monday, thank someone for last week’s contributions (Part 2)

About 10 years ago I stumbled upon a great Monday morning exercise in gratitude. Every Friday, I would write down the names of three people that made a diffference to me that week (in my business life, for example). I might think of one of my coordinators, a supply partner or even an agent. Over the weekend, I would make a selection out of that pool of candidates. Before lunch on Monday, I would call or write that person to let them know how grateful I am for what they did last week. If they were “repeat offenders” I upped the anty with gifts, referrals, etc. But the point is, I did this on Monday.

What does this accomplish?

1. You create a Virtuous Circle in your relationships. The more you show gratitude to others, the more others are inspired to make a difference in your life.

2. You kickstart two people’s drab Monday morning: That person and you.

3. Gratitude is an solution for depression/anger/frustration/stress. When a person’s thoughts focus on gratefulness, what they are really doing is linking people with possibility. It will immediately lift your spirits and help you maintain more consistency in your actions (for the better).

Try this out next Monday morning and post comments as to the results.

PS — Cindy Ventrice is an excellent resource on employee recognition programs and habits. Check out one of her recent newsletter tips on the value of putting recognition in writing:
Weekly Recognition Tip

People generally love thank you notes and written words of appreciation. They love them so much, in fact, that they hang on to them for weeks, months, or sometimes years!

It takes you a few minutes longer to create a note than it does to just tell someone how much you appreciate their contribution. The effort is worth your while. Most employees will refer back to a note more than once. They may share it with their families or coworkers giving your recognition
even greater impact.

By the way, if you have saved a note that a manager gave to you years ago, I would like to hear about it. You can help me reinforce my message regarding how written notes have lasting impact.

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