Readers Are Leaders

A recent book seller survey of American business people indicates that the average respondant reads .7 business books every three years! In sharp contrast, respondants that are executives at Fortune 1000 companies read 6.7 books per year. Readers are leaders.


Because most business books reflect current business trends and the everchanging leadership landscape. If you keep reading, long after you finish college, you remain a student. You can easily deal with change if you are studying it all the time during your business life.

I try and read one complete business book every six weeks. I really try and pick the perfect book for my situation. My recommendation? Read one of the three following books, depending on your industry/profession.

1. A Whole New Mind — Daniel Pink
This is a brilliant book about how design, creativity and art are the new mad skills in business.

2. Vital Friends — Tom Rath
Friends at work help your career and your personal quality of life. Great research!

3. Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler
He wrote Future Shock in the late 70’s and it changed the world. This new work is a look at the new consumer trends and desires.

Pick one of these three and check back to this blog later for more book recommendations.