Put your mind to work while you sleep

Over the last few months, I’ve been honing my creative strategy. 

After reading David Lynch and Horst Rechelbacher’s works, I realized that creativity is something you must cultivate and develop tools for.  I’ve been using a non-spiritual form of meditation recently: Doing busy work to give my mind time to think/ideate/create.  I take a repetitive but valuable task (filing expenses, booking flights online, etc.) that requires alertness but little creative thought.  This leaves a huge portion of my brain/mind some time to do its thing.  Many of my solutions, breakthroughs or original ideas came to me during these mundane tasks.  You might do it when you shower or garden, I do it during my workaday. 

For John Cleese, sleep time is creative time.  He and I spoke at the Yorkshire Int’l Business Convention this summer in the UK.  Using my trust Panasonic hand cam, I captured a few minutes of his keynote, where he explained this concept – check it out! 

John Cleese On How To Put Your Mind To Work While You Sleep