Public Speaking Event: Chicago, Tues Dec 15

If you live in the greater Chicago area, I’ll be giving a rare public
talk next Tuesday morning in Oak Brook at the Hyatt Lodge in Chicago. 
It’s an early event: 6:45-8:45am.

The event is hosted as part of the Executives Breakfast Club series.  Visit the Executive Breakfast Club program page for more information on future speakers and events. 

be giving a talk on how leaders can cultivate total confidence in their
outlook.  When a person has “that winning feeling” that springs from
self-team and purpose confidence — anything is possible!  I’ve found
that confidence is rocket fuel for success.  It leads to daring,
innovation, charisma, sales person ship and sustainable energy.  For
many people, though, confidence is a product of environment and not the
result of careful lifestyle decisions.  In my remarks, I’ll look at
confidence as a form of emotional/spiritual health and advocate a
regime of diet and exercise.  In my experience, one can have total
confidence during the worst of times, and often emerge as the Phoenix.  

If you’d like to attend, send me a note OR visit the Executive Breakfast Club site (call the phone number). The cost to attend is $50.00, which also includes breakfast.  The regular price is $70.00, but if you indicate you are my guest you’ll get the special rate!