Psyche up instead of mutter

When you first get up, after you rub the sleep out of your eyes and have a cup of coffee, what’s your mental prep routine?

Do you start to mutter to yourself about all your problems? All the people that make your crazy? All the stuff you have do today?

Or do you psyche yourself up? Do you enthuse over today’s opportunities? Do you visualize the difference you’ll make today?

I’m a speaker and I do this. I get up and visualize the audience taking home ideas on how to be more emotionally attractive to others (that’s what I mostly talk about). It helps me ignore the little hassles that come with the business, itching to give my speech. I’ve had six gigs in just a few weeks all over the country. And as far as I’m concerned, the last audience deserves as good a talk as the first one. So I psyched up all the way to my talk today in Phoenix.

Right before I took the stage, I whispered to myself the opening line of the greatest-book-ever on public speaking: “That only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” Trust me, that pep talk made a difference. Hopefully for my “customers” too. Time will tell.

Tomorrow, try a psyche up session instead of a case of the mutters. Think about what you’ll contribute today at work or at home. Think about the difference you get to make. You’ll find your day to be filled with smiles instead of fights. You can break out of the cycle of self-psychology and replace it with good old fashion good attitude. A local Hollywood business owner recently told me, “Attitude is important. So pick a good one.” True dat.