Prescribe a book to a bizmate

In my first book (Love Is The Killer App), I advocated sharing knowledge as a gift.

The best way to do that is to recommend great books you’ve read to your bizmates. Many times, those books offer highly relevant advice that solves a real business problem. If one of your colleagues is struggling with a leadership issue, recommend a great leadership book to them. Same goes for marketing or even management.

The key is that you’ve personally read the book and digested it. You believe the book has value for the person you are suggesting the book to. One of the best ways to recommend a book is to tell someone about the “big idea” of the book and a few of the actionable takeaways you got from it.

If you want to take this exercise one step further, buy the book you are recommending and give it to he/she as a gift. I’ve done this and the price of the book pales in comparison to the perceived value.