Prepare for the best

Too often, we prepare for the worst and then good things happen – and we freak out.

I’ve seen this in my business life: A company launches, prepares backup plans for the worst case scenario, then their business takes off and they can’t handle the fame, money or credit. They implode on their own arrogance and hubris. Why? Because when you spend all of your energy prepping for the worst, you build up resentment against all the obstacles and predatory elements in your life. When you finally succeed, you want to say “so there!” to the world – except that the world sees you or your company as ungrateful.

Too often, we spend too little time thinking about how we’ll respond to massive success, keeping it real or staying humble. This explains why the Paris Hiltons of the world always crash; they can’t handle the good news. When I look at companies like Google, I hope for them that they are ready for all of their success. Otherwise, in just a few years, they might not be popular as a partner because they are too arrogant.

Recommended: Spend an hour thinking about the best possible scenario for yourself. What could go right and get big in your life? How will you respond to all the good fortune? Who will help you keep your head glued on right when the rest of the world is jealously watching you?