Prep yourself for the big concert

Last night, Jacqueline and I had a thrilling time at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Decemberists (with the LA Philharmonic), Andrew Bird and The Band Of Horses played to a packed house.

We had great seats and more importantly, I was fully prepped to have a great time.

How? I did my research! I listened to all three act’s records for the last few weeks. I researched them online to find out more about their background. Altogether, I had so much more connection with the entire night. Because of all the recent listens, everything sounded more familiar — and wonderful.

Are you going to any concerts soon? Do some homework and study the artist’s body of work. Think of it as cramming. If you do, I guarantee you’ll increase your thrill factor. If you just know one song of theirs, you may go home disappointed. You might also find the rest of the night slightly boring.

By the way, the Decemberists album (The Crane Wife) is just fantastic. They have a post-REM lush sound (even without the LA Phil). They tell stories and the lead singer has a Deathcab sensibility that I really dig.

The Band of Horses were inspired by the Bowl and the crowd. They had never played for a mega audience before. The lead singer began by saying, “We are really honored to be playing here. There’s a bunch of you out there! I’m going to try and not throw up.” And then they rocked. They have a southern indie rock by way of Flaming Lips. If they come through town on a club tour, definitely check them out.